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Opening speech, Conference on Equality and Diversity in Sports 1.7.2016

Madam vice-president,
Dear conference guests and EuroGames participants,

Welcome to Finland and welcome to Helsinki! It is my great pleasure to open this Conference on Equality and Diversity in Sports.

“All the reasons not to do sports are just excuses”, said a former president of Finland, an eager sportsman.  It is true, of course, that exercise is good for you, and sports activities are a very important part of most people’s lives in Finland. 75 per cent of adults and more than 90 per cent of children exercise at least once a week. Our government wants to provide more opportunities for physical exercise for children in a program that we call “Schools on the Move”. The idea is that every child gets at least one hour of physical exercise every day as a part of their school day. This is a key project of the government that I am very proud of.

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